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DSA800 Series  

DSA800 Series

기본 정보

DSA800 Datasheet

DSA800 Programming Guide

DSA800 Specifications

DSA800 User's Guide


(SSC-DSA) 및 S1220 응용
판매가 문의
상품요약정보 RF Spectrum Analyzer
수량 수량증가수량감소
상품 목록
상품 정보 가격 삭제




특    징

 평균 잡음 레벨 (DANL) : -135dBm(DSA815), -161dBm(DSA832/875)
 Phase Noise : -80dBc/Hz @10kHz offset(DSA815), -98 dBc/Hz @10 kHz offset(DSA832/875)
 최소분해능 (RBW) : 10Hz
 Tracking Generator (optional)
 고급측정기능 (Option : AMK)
 EMI Filter & Quasi-Peak Detector Kit (optional)
 VSWR Measurement Kit (optional)
 8 Inch WVGA (800x480) LCD 디스플레이
 USB Host& Device, LAN(LXI), GPIB(Option : USB to GPIB Adaptor)

화    면

가까이 있는 신호의 분리

AM 복조

피크테이블(표) 기능

전치증폭기 기본 내장 : -130dBm 신호 측정

-80 dBc/Hz Phase Noise @10 kHz offset

Quasi-Peak & EMI Filter 지원(기본)

VSWR Measurement Kit

Powerful PC software Option

사    양





주파수 대역

9 kHz to 1.5 GHz


9 kHz to 3.2 GHz


9 kHz to 7.5 GHz 

평균 잡음 레벨(DANL)

Min. : -135 dBm

Min. : -161 dBm

Phase Noise

Min. : -80 dBc/Hz @10 kHz offset

Min. : -98 dBc/Hz @10 kHz offset

최소 분해능

10 Hz (RBW)

10 Hz (RBW)


USB Host& Device, LAN(LXI-C), AUX

화면 크기

8 Inch WVGA (800x480) LCD 디스플레이


Quasipeak - Detector &EMI filter, TG, AMK, VSWR, GPIB


 Quick guide (hard copy)
 Power cable


 EMI-DSA800 : EMI Filter & Quasi peak detector

 AMK_DSA800 : Advanced measurement kit

 VSWR-DSA800 : VSWR Measurement software

 Ultra-spectrum : PC based software
▶ S1210 EMI Pre-comliance Software : EMI Pre-compliance test software

▶ S1210 ASK-FSK Demodulation Analysis Softeware : ASK-FSK Demodulation Analysis Softeware (only for DSA832/DSA875/DSA832E)

▶ SSC-DSA : Signal seamless capture (only for DSA815)

▶ DSA Utility Kit, RF Adaptor Kit, RF CATV Kit, RF Attenuator Kit, ATT03301H, CB-NM-NM-75-L-12G, CB-NM-SMAM-75-L-12G
▶ TX1000 : RF demo kit (transmitter)
▶ RX1000 : RF demo kit (receiver)
▶ VB1032 : VSWR bridge, 1MHz to 3.2GHz
▶ VB1040 : VSWR bridge, 800MHz to 4GHz
▶ VB1080 : VSWR bridge, 2GHz to 8GHz
▶ NFP-3 : Near field probe
▶ RM-DSA800 : Rack mount kit
▶ BAG-G1 : Soft carrying bag
▶ CB-USBA-USBB-FF-150 : USB cable
▶ USB-GPIB : USB to GPIB interface converter for instrument



TX1000 Application Note
Here is an application note that covers using the TX1000 RF Demo Kit. Including software installation, Bandpass filter, RF Amplifier, and other controls.

What products are LXI compliant?
The attached document lists the LXI Compliant instruments.

DSA-815 Additional Details.
Here are additional details on the DSA-815 Spectrum Analyzer. This list includes more information on the demodulation and audio output jack.

Using A Tracking Generator
Ken Wyatt explains a tracking generator on his EMC blog. Leave Rigol to read it on the blog site.

How do I create limit lines manually on the DSA815 series?
Here are instructions to create limit lines on the front panel of a DSA815 series Spectrum Analyzer.

DSA-815 License Activation
Here are the instructions for activating the optional software features for the DSA-815. This includes the Advanced Measurements kit (DSA8-AMK), the VSWR (DSA8-VSWR), and EMI (DSA-EMI).

How to measure a Digital TV Pilot Carrier Signal with a DSA815
Here are some brief instructions on measuring a DTV pilot carrier signal.

DSA815 Quick Print instructions
The DSA815 has a quick print feature. Here are instructions on how to get fast Bitmaps of the display.

Do I need to have the Advanced Measurement Kit to use UltraSpectrum?
No. You will only need a license for UltraSpectrum. There are available advanced measurements within UltraSpectrum. These measurements include ACP, TOI, and others. To retrieve these measurements, the instrument must have the advanced measurement kit (AMK part number)

DSA800 Prefix: How to more easily save filenames
The DSA800 has a prefix feature that can make saving files easier than in the past.

How do I save a user setup with a DSA800?
The attached solution describes how to save a setup with a DSA800.

How to use UltraSigma to retrieve trace data from a DSA800
UltraSigma is an easy-to-use free software platform that provides simple command line interfacing to Rigol instrumentation. This FAQ shows you how to use the SCPI control panel to retrieve CSV trace data from a DSA800 spectrum analyzer.

Request the Latest Firmware
Click here and input information and we will get back to you with information on new firmware features and options available.

How do I measure VSWR with a DSA800 series Spectrum Analyzer?
The attached note describes measuring VSWR using a DSA800 series spectrum analyzer. It includes steps for VB1000 return loss bridges, non-Rigol return loss bridges, and both with/without the VSWR-DSA800 automatic VSWR measurement option.

How to load and edit CSV correction files with a DSA800 Spectrum Analyzer
The attached files include instructions on saving, loading, and editing correction files in CSV format with the DSA800 spectrum analyzer.

How to save different image types (BMP, JPEG, PNG) with a DSA800 series Spectrum Analyzer.
Starting with DSA815 firmware revision (DSA832/875 revision released in late 2015), the DSA800 series allows saving JPEG and PNG along with BMP file types. This note describes how to set the file type.

S1210 EMI Software Data Sheet

Where do I find instrument drivers for LabVIEW?

When I plug in my instrument via USB, I get a Windows Page Fault error (Blue Screen of Death / BSoD).
There is a known issue with the IVI VISA Shared components version. See attached document for more details.

DSA Ethernet connectivity troubleshooting
Here are some hints and tips to successfully connecting and testing the Ethernet connection on the Rigol DSA line of instruments.

Software Compatibility
The attached PDF file describes Windows 7 Compatibility Issues.

DSA Packing list
Here is a sample of the packing list for the DSA family of spectrum analyzer's.

DSA Calibration Certificate
Here is a sample of the calibration certificate for the DSA family of spectrum analyzers.

VISA Runtime for Apple OS X
To use a VISA compatible Rigol instrument under Apple OS X, the user must install National Instruments VISA run-time engine for OS X As of this writing the latest OS X VISA run-time engine from National Instruments is NI-VISA 5.0 NI-VISA 5.0 can be downloaded directly

Working with DSA Correction factors 
Here are instructions on working with DSA correction factors.

Spectrum analyzer detector selection guide. 
Spectrum analyzers have many options when it comes to input detector configurations. This document provides a guide to selecting the proper filter for the input signal type.

DSA External Trigger Rate 
The DSA 1000, 1000A, and 800 series of spectrum analyzers have an external trigger rate of approximately 5Hz.

Help File Error: Navigation to web page cancelled. 
Some instrument manuals are compiled HTML files with extensions ending in .CHM. On occasion, they have shown "Navigation to web page cancelled". Here are some steps to help solve that error.

Using A Tracking Generator 
Ken Wyatt explains a tracking generator on his EMC blog. Leave Rigol to read it on the blog site.

VB1020/1030 VSWR Bridge User's Guide and Data Sheet. 
Here is the spec sheet for the VSWR data sheet.

DSA FM/AM Demodulation tips 
Here are some helpful tips for using the demodulation function on the Rigol DSA's.

DSA Firmware Upgrade instructions 
See attached for instructions to upgrade your DSA.

How to find installed DSA options 
Here are instructions for checking the installed options for the Rigol DSA series of spectrum analyzers.

UltraSpectrum License Activation instructions
UltraSpectrum is a software package that gives remote controlled data collection and analysis for Rigol DSA spectrum analyzers. See attached for instructions on activating the software.

Bits vs. dBs 
Here are instructions on converting bits of resolution to dBs.

My Instrument IVI Driver does not appear in the LabVIEW tools palette. 
You may need to manually find and convert the IVI driver. See attachment for more details.

The instrument not recognized over the USB bus
In some cases, an instrument may not be recognized over the USB bus. Here are some troubleshooting hints to help.

Are your products UL or CSA listed? 
At this time, many of our products are C TUV USA listed. Per the TUV website, http://www.certipedia.com/companies/37679/certificates?locale=en The C TUV US mark is recognized as the equivalent and direct replacement to the UL and CSA marks by city, county and state/provincial

Rigol Scopes VISA Driver Installation / Rigol's UltraScope software not detect Rigol scope attached to PC via USB OR User receives "Run Time Error '48': File not found VISA32.DLL" error message when UltraScope is launched. 
The user either has not installed the latest available National Instruments VISA Runtime engine or the version of National Instrument’s VISA Runtime Engine included on the CD that the user installed is outdated. In both cases, the recommended solution is to visit National

Common HAM and Broadcast uses for a spectrum analyzer. 
A Spectrum Analyzer can be a valuable tool for any amateur radio (HAM) or broadcast Engineer. See a few of the most popular uses in this document.

How can sweep time effect my Spectrum Measurements? 
Sweep time and detector types can drastically effect your spectrum measurements, especially with modulated signals. See the attached note for more details.

Does the instrument clock accuracy match the external clock accuracy?

VB.NET basic instrument communication example 
Here is a short example on using National Instrument VISA and VB.NET to communicate with an instrument.

Useful Getting Started EMC links

What is the fastest sweep time in Zero Span mode with a Spectrum Analyzer?
That is instrument dependent, but we show how to perform a quick test using a function generator in Burst mode.

Douglas Smith's EMC links 
Here are some helpful links to online articles presented by Douglas Smith.

NRSC AM Measurements using a DSA 
Here are instructions on setting up a Rigol DSA to make NRSC measurements.

How can I optimize the Peak scan measurements on a DSA spectrum analyzer?
Try lowering the RBW setting. This will increase the resolution of each scan and provide a more defined peak that will be easier to identify. See attached.

How do I measure FM Deviation with a DSA? 
Here are instructions on using the Max Hold function to measure FM Deviation with a Rigol DSA spectrum analyzer.

How do I save a trace as a CSV file with the DSA800 series? 
The DSA800 series can save CSV files to an external USB memory stick. This application note shows you how.

PyVISA example of instrument control via Python and NI-VISA 
A short example showing instrument communications using the PyVISA 1.4 VISA wrapper with Python 2.7.9 and National Instruments VISA layer.

My spectrum analyzer displays 1st LO Unlock. What could be wrong?
1st LO unlock indicates a hardware problem. The instrument will need to be repaired.

LAN Troubleshooting using PuTTY
PuTTY is an open source network terminal emulator. It can be easily configured to help troubleshoot LAN connection issues to instrumentation.

Can I use the tracking generator on a DSA as a fixed RF source? 
Yes. You can, using zero span. See the attached note for instructions.

NationalInstruments.Common and NationalInstruments.VisaNS are not being found with .NET
Go to Solution Explorer, right click on the file of interest (NationalInstruments.Common or NationalInstruments.VisaNS) and change Specific Version to False.

Remote activation of options on a DSA spectrum analyzer 

Firmware update troubleshooting Tips 
Here are some tips if you are having issues updating the firmware on a Rigol product.

How do I find the version of UltraSpectrum software? 
Open UltraSigma, right-click on a connected DSA and select UltraSigma. Then, set the window type to advanced (upper-right-hand drop down). Next, select the ABOUT tab at the bottom of the window. See the attached note for more details.

Additional high voltage and transient protection for your spectrum analyzer 
Here is a circuit that may be helpful in protecting your spectrum analyzer from high voltages and transients.

Why do markers not always go to the exact frequency I set? 
Marker resolution is determined by the span setting. See the attached note for more information.

Application Note

Building Channel Limit 
Includes an Excel Spread Sheet useful for loading DSA815 with signal levels for various transmission filters. Also includes pdf file describing Macro operation.

How to measure a filter using a DSA-815-TG Spectrum Analyzer 
Here we show how to test an RF bandpass filter using a DSA-815 spectrum analyzer with built in Tracking Generator (TG) option.

How to measure an amplifier using a DSA-815-TG? 
Here are step-by-step instructions on measuring an RF amplifier using a DSA-815-TG spectrum analyzer with an optional Tracking Generator (TG).

Mixing RF Signals
This note uses the TX1000 RF Demo Kit, A DG4000 function Generator, and the DSA815 Spectrum Analyzer to describe and demonstrate the fundamental operation of a multiplexer.

Hardware for a simple Mixer
This note describes using a Simple Transconductance Amplifier as a Mixer.

DSA1000 Application Note

EMC Precompliance: Near Field Probes
Near field probing tips for EMI precompliance testing.

Using probes with a Spectrum Analyzer
This application note introduces the concept of using a passive high frequency oscilloscope probe with a spectrum analyzer.

EMC Precompliance Testing
This application note covers hints and tips for implementation of precompliance steps to help lower the cost of full compliance EMC testing. It also features a series of documents that have practical use details for EMC testing.

FM signal transmission and demodulation demo  
This application uses a DG4162 arbitrary waveform generator and audio source to create a custom FM transmission and then a DSA-1030A spectrum analyzer to receive and demodulate the signal.

EMC Precompliance: Conducted Emission Testing  
This application note covers standard practices for performing EMC conducted emissions tests using a Rigol DSA-815 spectrum analyzer.

Measuring Cable Loss with a Spectrum Analyzer
This Application Note covers how to measure cable loss using a spectrum analyzer outfitted with a tracking generator.

Why can't I get a DSA battery and is there a workaround for portable use?
We are unable to import the Li-Ion batteries at this time. We recommend using a true sine wave inverter for portable use. See attached for performance data for a DSA800 while running on battery.
상품 상세 정보
상품명 DSA800 Series

DSA800 Datasheet

DSA800 Programming Guide

DSA800 Specifications

DSA800 User's Guide


(SSC-DSA) 및 S1220 응용
판매가 문의
상품요약정보 RF Spectrum Analyzer
수량 수량증가수량감소

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